I need to get out of the house

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The beaches are filling up again, and some restaurants have opened their doors to diners. You may feel the fresh air beckoning after months of isolation.

I need to get out of the house

But the coronavirus crisis is far from over. Here are ten tips to consider before leaving the house. Isolation can be hard, and as old haunts start to reopen, it may be tempting to rush out right away. And if you have any Covid symptoms, please, stay home. Some overarching advice for everything that follows: All those precautions that have been etched into your brain over the past couple of months still hold true. You should still keep your hands clean through thorough washing and sanitizer use.

Still avoid groups larger than 10 people.

I need to get out of the house

Still keep a distance of at least six feet from people outside your household, as much as possible. Still wear masks when you go out in public. Some of those precautions should essentially be made for you if you decide to dine in a restaurant, as state restrictions limit indoor seating to 25 percent capacity and require outdoor tables to be six feet apart.

Your own personal protective equipment comes into play here, too. Public restrooms could pose an interesting conundrum as the world reopens. Even the experts are divided. Instead, he said, people should touch as little as possible. That might require a change in your order of bathroom operations: Grab a paper towel before anything else and use it, rather than your bare hands, when opening stall doors or turning faucet knobs. Hair salons, nail salons and barbershops in Florida were allowed to reopen Monday. Two months of staying inside has left many of us a little shaggy; add in the psychological toll of all that distance, and it may feel like one of the Geico cavemen is staring back at you from the bathroom mirror.

Experts, speaking to The Atlantichave said that going to get a haircut is still risky business. If you do feel the need to access the cosmetic care salons and barbershops have to offer, follow some precautions. And when you call ahead to make your appointment, ask what precautions the salon is taking : How often are stylists cleaning their stations?

I need to get out of the house

Are there plexiglass barriers between chairs? What kind of protective equipment are employees getting? Use the answers to make an informed decision. Beaches have been open in the Tampa Bay area for more than a week now. So is it safe to go? Masks might not be necessary all the time at the beach, Levine said, but beachgoers should still bring them, should a crowd encroach on their spot.

Better yet, she said, get up and move if people are congregating. The virus spre less easily outside than it does indoors, but keeping social distance is still key. On a similar note, some Tampa Bay-area public pools have started to reopenwith two in St. Petersburg opening last week and Clearwater pools opening with limited hours Monday. But the limited space of pools means that it could be hard to keep a safe distance from other swimmers.

Anthony Fauci, the U. A wave, bow or nod of the head is the way to go for now, at least, and you may want to get used to it. And Levoy and the experts who spoke to The Atlantic agree — hugging is still out of the question. Parks, restaurants, coffee shops — plenty of the places you might go on a first date are back open now. Socially distanced dates, with masks and six-foot bubbles, are doable, Levoy said. Similar negotiations hold true for sex, Levoy mentioned. But people will still date and have sex, Levoy said. Depending on the answers, staying put may still be the best option.

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I need to get out of the house

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Get Out of the House