Life companion wanted

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Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. I am a 45 year old male looking to navigate this new found world with some friends. I'm not looking for anyone exclusive. I'm not looking for anything in particular. I am open to anything that finds me. I guess I'm looking for a woman between the age of that would like to go places together.

Life companion wanted

Feedback on my avatar would be great too. Thanks Alwin. I filled it out. I neglected to do that when I started. Thanks for the reminder. It will help a lot. Well, it's not all THAT necro a post. Marut's original post, and its resurrection, gives me an opportunity to comment here on How to Make Friends in Second Life for Newbies. It's always okay to have preferences. If you start demanding to see some ID before you get past the "hello"s, that's where there's a problem, please don't be that guy.

Likewise I don't think things are as binary as "you are either avatar-blind, or looking to use SL as a RL dating website". Preferences are okay. At the same time, that's not something you have to shove down everyone's throat.

Life companion wanted

Don't put "human only, no weebs or furries" on your profile, it makes you look like a jerk, don't be that guy. Don't use shop groups as pickup spots, for the love of God. Sure, I've made one or two female friends from chatting in a couple of the major brands I shop at; and I've also had several dozen guys who IM me because I spoke up in the group - obviously me trying to sort out an auto-alpha issue means I'm gagging for it?

Life companion wanted

So yeah in short don't be that guy ; don't stalk clothing shops for prey, don't make real life info your second question, don't advertise yourself as a jerk, don't friend request spam, don't act like the creepy uncle everyone pretends to tolerate, just act like a normal human being and you'll be okay. This thread is not a "necro" - if that were the case, half the still-active thre would be "necro". And as for "necro'd" thre - I'll add a reply to one that is three years old if I feel my reply will add to the discussion in a positive way - just to revive it some really are worthy of it.

Life companion wanted

People who reply with "you've revived a dead thread" type posts are only adding to their own Life companion wanted, no one else's. And as for "necro'd" thre - I'll add a reply to one that if three years old if I feel my reply will add to the discussion in a positive way. While you're not wrong in general; asking the OP " What is your favourite place? That's true. And your immediate response was an insensitive, nay: abusively insulting response without any explanation what it means to them. So, to be frank about it, this is me calling you out on that. It was rude and, dare I say, wrong.

This is the negative, toxic angst I refer to whenever I mention it. I don't think you did it with malice, I think it was more likely just a knee-jerk reaction to express your frustration. I get it. I hate to admit I've also posted a knee-jerk reaction or two here. I just think we should give newcomers a little slack, that's all.

And not all of them are new alts. There really are many genuine new users in SL every day. This is why before I send out a friend request I check to see if they have payment info on file. In that case it could also mean they barely log on their "non stripping alt" and why bother adding someone who's never online?

Please tell me that phrase just Life companion wanted into your head and nobody actually ever said that. It's a depressingly common thing. It was the 'gently' that got me; it seemed such a contrived thing to say.

I much prefer direct talking for that. You know, something like, "Hello. I hope you don't mind but I was reading your profile and couldn't help but be impressed with your wit and creativity. That's a great outfit, by the way.

It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Share More sharing options Followers 0. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. Recommended Posts. Charles Blackwood Posted May 29, Posted May 29, Hi everyone, I am a 45 year old male looking to navigate this new found world with some friends. It's my second day here so I thought this might be easier than Life companion wanted conversation in game. Thanks for reading Marut. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Alwin Alcott Posted May 29, Stephyii Posted September 24, Posted September 24, What is your favourite place?

AyelaNewLife Posted September 24, Lindal Kidd Posted September 26, Posted September 26, Fill out your in world Profile, as Alwin suggested. Your profile should contain all the information you want people to know about you Most people in SL want to remain anonymous. For that reason, you will seldom see any detailed information in the "First Life" tab of people's Profiles. Because of this desire for anonymity, it's impolite to start quizzing a new acquaintance about their Real Life as soon as you meet them.

A polite way to bring up the subject is to volunteer some information about yourself. Nice to meet you. I'm from the United States. I have friends who are under 18 in real life, and others who are senior citizens. And both sorts can look like somethings in SL! Real Life gender doesn't matter all that much either. Quite a few people in SL use an avatar which doesn't correspond to their RL gender. Don't limit your friends search to "someone who is female, age And that doesn't matter two cents, when it comes to being someone whose personality resonates with yours.

Don't dismiss nonhumans. Some people like to be a dragon in SL, or a tiny fairy, or a teddy bear or a horse. Regardless of their avatar, some of these unconventional folks might be just the friends you're looking for. Note: These things DO matter to some people. If you are one of them, you can still make friends in SL, but you'll be working from a more limited pool. Look for people who have RL info in the First Life profile. But on the whole, you might be better off looking for friends on Facebook.

Use the Search function to find groups that you're interested in.

Life companion wanted

email: [email protected] - phone:(713) 938-3337 x 9290

I Don’t Just Want A Companion, I Want A Real Life Partner And Passionate Lover