Mexico city single girls

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This post may contain affiliate links to things like tours, hotels, Amazon associates and products. These help me earn a small commission at no additional charge to you. After six months of solo travel in Mexico, I understand what travelling to Mexico alone as a woman is like. It really is! I hope these solo female travel tips for Mexico will guide you during your trip.

Hostels are a great way to make new friends which is one of the best things about travelling solo in my opinion! People have a tendency to be negative about travel to Mexico mainly as a result of US media I think. Ignore female travel myths about Mexico and stick to your guns; you got this! Areas of Mexico with cartels and issues relating to the drugs trade are far removed from tourist areas. In terms of minor crimes like pickpocketingyes there is a bit of this. It usually occurs in busy and crowded areas like markets.

Mexico city single girls

In answer to the question, is Mexico safe? There are always threats to women even without them leaving their homes. Mexico city single girls quite ready for solo travel in Mexico? There are pros and cons to group tours vs solo trave l but they certainly offer extra security. One option is to take a short introductory tour then go solo afterwards. My favourite tour operator is G Adventuresan ethical company partnering with locals. They offer something tours which are fast-paced and budget-friendly, as well as classic tours and National Geographic adventures.

Mexico is an easy country to travel internally. There are a few main networks like ADO which are pretty upmarket. Your ticket usually includes snacks, a drink and access to an entertainment service via the screens on the back of each seat. To book buses in Mexico, I use Busbud. Internal flights — these are really cheap in Mexico, sometimes cheaper than buses. I use Skyscanner for flights. Uber — in cities, always take Uber when you can. I always take Uber or UberPool as soon as it gets dark in Mexico. Mexico has abundant options when it comes to accommodation. These are colourful and comfy places to meet other people when travelling solo.

Browse options on Booking. After a few bookings, you qualify for discounts, free breakfasts and room upgrades.

Mexico city single girls

It depends how much you want to blend in. When it comes to beach areas and more touristic places like Tulum, you can really wear whatever you want. Or even mild. Sometimes it can be downright cold especially in hilly regions of Central Mexico. I remember falling asleep watching my breath on the air in Guanajuato and cursing my lack of extra layers. The same can be said for Mexico City which drops below 0 in the winter months.

Mexico city single girls

While it depends on your destination, the best time to visit Mexico is usually considered November to April. From April, temperatures pick up before the rainy summer months. Rains can be quite severe and tail off by September.

Everything is beautifully lush and green. During these, popular towns and cities are so packed you can barely move! Hop in an Uber once it gets dark. An essential for solo travel in Mexico and anywhere for that matter is travel insurance.

Mexico city single girls

I use World Nom. Have a general idea of your surroundings. For example, there are some neighbourhoods to avoid in Mexico City like Doctores. The same goes for areas of Mexico. My Mexico City food blogs:. Sanitise your hands before eating and avoid ice in your drinks. Like capitals often do, it feels different to the rest of the country, hence why I put together these Mexico City travel tips.

Pick a good hostel, like Casa Pepe in the historic centre, to get your solo travels in Mexico off to a good start. The food in Condesa and Roma Norte is worth a trip alone! Another safe and tourist-friendly neighbourhood is Coyoacan in the south of the city, known for its pretty cobbled streets and famous ex-resident, Frida Kahlo. If you have the budget, Polanco is a swanky area of Mexico City with some cool galleries and museums. Getting around Mexico City: During the daytime, you can get around using the Metro underground and the Metro bus overground for just 5 pesos a journey.

You just need to buy and top up a Metro card in any station. To travel around within neighbourhoods, use the Uber app to Mexico city single girls Jump bikes, the Lime app for Lime scooters, and EcoBici for bicycle hire with generous discounts for weekly or longer passes. At night, use Uber to get around safely. Avoid Doctors and Tepito completely. Wear a handy bum bag with secure zip in busy areas like Centro and keep a close eye on your belongings in markets.

For an extra confidence boost, take tours with GetYourGuide or Viator. The sheer volume of awesome destinations has to be my favourite thing about travelling in Mexico. As my friends in Mexico City and I always say, you could live in Mexico for years and not make it everywhere. My favourite places to travel alone in Mexico include:. As mentioned above, I love Mexico City for solo travel.

An optimal amount of time to spend is 5 days in Mexico City. The capital really has something for everyone: charming suburbs, hipster neighbourhoods, lively markets, historical buildings, art galleries, museums, nightlife, green spaces and world-class cuisine. Just two hours drive from Mexico City is Puebla city.

Mexico city single girls

This small city is beyond charming and a great base for exploring Puebla state. You can browse the dulcherias sweet shops and buy delicious confectionaries for a few pesos. Puebla is a pretty city with open squares, an Artists Quarter and numerous crafts markets and museums. Another of my favourite destinations near Mexico City is Taxco, a charming ex-silver mining city 2. Things to do in Taxco include shopping for silver, eating unique local cuisine and taking the cable car to Hotel Montetaxco pictured. Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico, four hours north of Mexico City.

You can take several day trips to Tequila, the town where the infamous spirit is produced, and Lake Chapala and Ajijic. You can spend around four days in Guadalajara experiencing the vibrant nightlife and excellent cuisine. San Miguel is a charming, colourful city popular on the tourist trail.

Related read: San Miguel travel de Allende guide. Guanajuato is a safe and friendly place for solo female travel in Mexico. This small historical city in Central Mexico is built predominantly of rainbow-coloured houses set inside a sweeping valley. After Mexico City, my favourite city in Mexico has to be Oaxaca. Oaxaca refers to both the state and its capital city. Another destination in Oaxaca state for solo female travellers is Puerto Escondido. This untouched coastal region has beautiful beaches and abundant nature experiences.

There are plenty of hostels in Puerto Escondido and even more fish tacos! This city on the Yucatan coast has become a hippie hub home to Instagram hotspots and matcha cafes. The largest city on the Yucatan Peninsular is Meridaknown for its colonial architecture and Mayan heritage.

Mexico city single girls will enjoy the unique Yucatan cuisine like cochinita pibil, a slow-cooked pork dish marinated in banana leaves. This picturesque island off the Yucatan Peninsula is a must-visit for solo female travellers in Mexico — and everyone else for that matter! On Isla Holbox, you can visit isolated beaches, swim with whale sharks and even cycle around the whole island by bike.

It really depends on how much time you have but here are a couple of suggested 2 week Mexico solo travel itineraries: 2 weeks in Southern Mexico: Days Mexico City Days Puebla. Days Oaxaca Days Puerto Escondido. Finish with some beach chills! Mexico is great for affordability. If you eat in local restaurants, budget double this figure.

Mexico city single girls

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