My girl just cheated

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Sam is dating coach, life coach, and style expert. His expertise has been featured on Lifehack. He lives with his Australian Shepard, Max, in beaut Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Policy. It's something no one should ever have to say, and it's the worst thing you can imagine. Your wife, your girlfriend, your partner has betrayed you in the most humiliating and trust-shattering way.

And that's why below, I put together a step-by-step guide to helping you answer those questions and helping you determine what you should do when your partner cheats on you. Maybe you already know she cheated on you Here are a few s she might be cheating on you:. To see a full list of s she's cheating, check out this post. The biggest decision in front of you is whether this relationship is worth saving, but in the moment, you are likely too overwhelmed by the shock and hurt to make that choice immediately.

My girl just cheated

Some people respond to being cheated on by clinging to what they have and others want to kick the person out of the house and never see them again. Try to get away from the situation and do a few things that will allow you to clear your head as much as possible:.

Whatever you do to help remove yourself from the situation, insist upon no contact from your partner at the same time—for a day, a week, however long it takes. Turn your phone off if you have to. Go ask them for their advice.

Did they stick it out or kick the bum out?

My girl just cheated

All the better if your friend is another man who can give you some insight into how they got through this mess. Whether your chosen confidante has experience in this or no, finding someone to talk things out with to make the choices and consequences feel more real is always a great help. If nothing else, a little sympathy goes a long way.

My girl just cheated

They may also be prejudiced by how their own experiences worked out. Get the comfort and advice and then get back to making your own choices. Whenever you do decide to talk to your partner again, make sure it is clear that any conversation you start has to be brutally honest. Perhaps not brutal—too much detail could kill what might have been salvageable—but complete. Try to look past the certain excuses that will be coming at you, and look for the truth hidden underneath. Whether this conversation is your last or a step towards a new beginning with your partner, getting the whole story will help you move My girl just cheated.

These deep conversation starters should help. Men often feel emasculated when their partners cheat. The hurt to the ego can be far worse than the jealousy. In that position, ugly questions constantly come to mind: is this all my fault? Even if you were a slob who never paid attention, your partner should have been upfront and ended things properly.

However, if you were a slob who never gave any affection, you should also recognize your faults and the hurt they have probably caused. Many relationships survive cheating, but that requires both partners growing and improving. That means more communication, more thoughtfulness, more effort on both sides.

Look to see how you can improve yourself and keep your next relationship stronger. Look for some extended, life changing activities to enrich your life and make you feel more like the man who want to be:. It also gives you something to feel good about and look forward to while you try to move on. Finally, it gets you out of your home and away from moping. In brief, those are:. This is, in many ways, the hardest choice to make. Everyone who has been cheated on will have scars, but seeing the person who did the cheating every day, and rebuilding trust and intimacy on that footing, can rip open the wound afresh on a regular basis.

To heal those wounds properly, you may need to consider some outside help. Start by looking My girl just cheated couples counseling. Many people are hesitant to bring a stranger into their personal troubles, but a trained professional can help guide you through the tricky period ahead and keep you both honest and thoughtful of one another. Trying to reignite the sexual side of the relationship too quickly can lead to some very negative feelings.

Inadequacy, jealousy, and a renewed sense of betrayal are all likely to come out of an effort to just get back to normal immediately in bed. Try to remember how good the relationship used to be and remind yourself it will one day get back to that point if you both work hard enough. This may seem the most obvious and easiest choice—and in some ways it is. The trust has been broken between you and your partner, and for many men, this is just too much damage to repair.

Walking away comes with its own struggles. Instead, focus on steps 4 and 5 above and take some time to take care of yourself so you can properly recover from the shock. Spend time with friends and let them help you slowly reacquaint yourself with single life. If possible, try to avoid any places or activities that might remind you of your cheating ex- at least for a while. Then, slowly reintroduce yourself to these things. Over time, the pain of the situation will ease. Sometimes, all you need is a chance to breathe.

The least your partner can do is give you a little more time to decide on a permanent solution. In which case, go out, try to have fun, try to meet people, and then make a decision. Remember, this is your right at this point. If your partner starts acting jealous, remind them that this is what you need to figure things out. If anything, it just further clouds an already ugly and murky situation. In fact, it may leave you regretting that cheap shot. Going back and forth between a break up and staying together —or something in-between—only increases the pain and lets it live on long past its normal timeframe.

If not, walk away. But let that be the end of the discussion. In these situations, uncertainty is often the biggest aggravator of already injured emotions. While nothing makes the pain and humiliation of being cheated on go away, these seven steps will guide you through the roughest patch and give you a direction to head.

Making the right choice while getting through this first period is the single most important moment in the long healing process ahead.

My girl just cheated

The choice of staying and forgiving or leaving and moving on is the most powerful piece of agency you have in the whole situation. My Girlfriend Cheated on Me Now What? Here's exactly what to do. Share Pin 5. Next Viking Quotes and Phrases - Every man needs to know. Related Posts. Open toolbar.

My girl just cheated

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What to do if you cheated on your girlfriend but still want to be with her