Woman Mobile ending massage Mobile

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Using Swedish techniques to help release muscular tension and improve overall circulation. Soothing massage to restore the body balance. Strong, penetrating strokes relieve soreness in specific areas, improve circulation and release deeply rooted tension. Gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue to relieve pain and tension due to injury, stress, trauma, posture or inflammation. Wishing the neck and scalp massage at the end of your treatment could last longer? Suffering from chronic headaches and stress? Pamper yourself with the ultimate stress release — 30 minutes focused on the neck, face and scalp… pure heaven.

Focuses on the mother-to-be as she goes through the changes due to pregnancy. Improves circulation, digestion, decreases pain, relieves mental and physical fatigue. Cupping is the oldest and most globally practiced medical treatment in human history. It is a form of alternative medicine, in which cups hard or soft are placed on the skin to create suction. Negative pressure helps with releasing rigid soft tissue, drains excess fluids and engages the parasympathetic system, Woman Mobile ending massage Mobile deep relaxation of the whole body.

Could be used in combination with therapeutic massage treatment or as a separate treatment. Rejuvenate the mind, balance the body. Mixes the science of aromatherapy with techniques of vita flex, reflexology, massage in the application of essential oils which are applied on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment.

Combines unique targeted massage and energy with 9 essential oils. Therapist-assisted stretching program deed to unlock ts and free tight muscles. This treatment is done on a table, fully clothed. Can be combined with massage or on its own. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

A unique form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that helps address scar tissue, fascial restrictions and range of motion. Learn more about Graston on our blog. A technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of various lengths and diameters, to do deeper tissue work. It can be heated or cooled. It promoted circulation, sensory nerve perception and lymphatic drainage.

Using specifically deed flexible tape, this treatment helps you in many ways:. Enjoy the healing warmth of smooth stones.

Woman Mobile ending massage Mobile

Each stone is massaged into sore fatigued muscles. The heat increases circulation and flushes toxins. Why hot stone? Enjoy a hot stone massage and you will come out of it with an open heart. A massage to lift your mood using therapeutic essential oils.

Woman Mobile ending massage Mobile

This helps soothe muscles and alleviate pain. You walk out feeling uplifted and relaxed.

Woman Mobile ending massage Mobile

Let us come to you on Banff or Canmore! by phone at ENHANCES a preventive approach to athletic training whereby soft tissues are free of trigger points and adhesions, thus contributing toward the improvement of peak neuromuscular functioning. PRE-EVENT massage stimulates circulation, calms nervous tension, and prepares the athlete for optimal performance while reducing the chances of injury.

Woman Mobile ending massage Mobile

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