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The Latvian government has launched and implemented several nationwide information campaigns in order to increase understanding of human trafficking. The Ministry of Education has introduced trafficking in human beings as a core topic in the human rights curriculum of all primary, secondary, and high schools. The government has also funded information sheets and travel guides for tourists, through the Latvian State Tourism Agency, with the aim of discouraging sex tourism in Latvia. Since the beginning of Septemberthe State Police every year carries out the awareness Women seeking sex Latvia Security Days at Schools.

The entire Latvian school system is covered in this campaign, from preschools to upper secondary schools and universities. One aim of this campaign is to inform and educate pupils how to avoid the risks of deception related to work abroad and how to avoid illegal recruitment and sham marriages. The police carries out this campaign every autumn. The State Police frequently uses the media to inform about trafficking and gives recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim.

A reflection period of 30 days may be granted to trafficked persons to allow individuals to consider co-operating in investigations and criminal proceedings. A six-month temporary residence permit can be granted to victims who decide to cooperate in criminal proceedings. The Citizenship and Migration Board is responsible for granting permits for the reflection period and temporary residence permits to foreign victims of human trafficking.

Permits are granted on the basis of a request submitted by the police. Sinceno applications Women seeking sex Latvia residence permits were received from foreign citizens who could be possible victims of human trafficking. In the beginning of asylum procedure parents or guardians of shall submit an application to the State Border Guard. The State Border Guard performs inspection of an asylum seeker and possessions thereof, seizes objects and documents, if they may have ificance in examination of an application.

The State Border Guard conducts an interview with an asylum seeker. Interviews with a minor shall be conducted by an official who has the necessary knowledge regarding the special needs of minors. If an asylum seeker has a legal basis to enter and to reside in the Republic of Latvia after submitting an application an asylum seeker and a minor thereof may reside in Latvia at the place of residence indicated by an asylum seeker.

In case when an asylum seeker cannot indicate the place of residence, an asylum seeker shall be accommodated at an accommodation centre for asylum seekers accommodation centres for asylum seekers are structures of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs where necessary living conditions are provided. A minor shall be provided with the living conditions necessary for the physical and mental development thereof. Children shall be accommodated together with adult relatives, as well as children from one family shall not be separated, except in cases where it is done in the best interests of the children.

A minor asylum seeker shall be provided with opportunities for acquiring education according to the procedures provided by the Cabinet of Ministers. When examining an application, the opinion of the minor shall be taken into .

Women seeking sex Latvia

A decision to grant or refuse the granting of refugee or alternative status shall also apply to the minor children of an asylum seeker including dependants if they are located or arrive in the Republic of Latvia concurrently with the parents. Regarding to the measures implemented to detain possible human trafficking victims among asylum seekers the State Border Guard has not issued any special internal or external legal document.

Women seeking sex Latvia

According the view of the State Border Guard the compulsorily performable measures are provided by the Schengen Borders Code Appendix VII — minors deserve the particular attention of border guards, whether they are travelling accompanied or not.

In the case of accompanied minors, the border guard must check that the persons accompanying minors have parental custody over them, especially where minors are accompanied by only one adult and there are serious grounds for suspecting that they may have been unlawfully removed from the care of the person legally exercising parental custody over them. In such case the border guard will have to make all necessary investigations in order to prevent the abduction or in any case unlawful removal of the minor. Ina separate unit was established within the State Police, with specially trained officers, with a mandate to investigate sexual offences against children.

When carrying out checks of persons leaving Latvia, particular attention is paid to detecting children in order to prevent their unauthorised removal from Latvia.

Women seeking sex Latvia

Children travelling without a parent or a legal guardian should hold a valid passport and a written consent of at least one of the Women seeking sex Latvia certified by a notary. When is accompanied by an adult, the latter should hold a written consent of at least one of the parents certified by a notary.

The unit is staffed by 19 full-time police officers in Riga. Additionally, there are four full-time police officers located at regional boards of the State Police who are responsible for issues regarding human trafficking prevention and combating in the regions as well as for training officials in this field.

The Prosecutor's Office has set up a specialized unit to fight organised crime, with about ten prosecutors investigating human trafficking cases. On 1 March Latvia has submitted Initial Report by the Republic of Latvia on implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Within the project it is planned:. The project duration — 36 months. It is planned that more than 1 people will be involved to implement objectives of the project.

The aim of this training course was to organize a broad and extensive training seminar for practitioners with presentations and case study in order to practice to effectively recognize, investigate and prevent human trafficking and to create investigation as an effective tool both in Latvia and in other EU Member States. As the most important outcome of this training seminar was that Latvian policy makers started discussions on necessity to supplement the Criminal Law Article Considering Priority D: Enhanced coordination and cooperation among key actors and policy coherence of the EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings the task to organize multi-disciplinary training on human trafficking issues is included in the National Strategy for Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings It is planned to provide training for approximately officials every year by the Ministry of Interior.

In August the Grant Agreement No. In total 76 project proposals were submitted to the European Commission and 13 project proposals were granted. The objective of the project is to create a shared understanding of a new, evolving from of trafficking in human beings — through sham marriages, and initiate a comprehensive action for its prevention. In the framework of the project it is planned to carry out an analysis and a comprehensive research about the phenomenon of sham marriages in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland and the Slovak Republic, to elaborate training methodology and implement training inviting Women seeking sex Latvia participate social workers, teachers, media representatives, national and municipal police, NGOs, social pedagogues, to organize informative campaigns and an international conference in Riga in the end of The project begins in 1 January, and will last for 24 months.

The total budget of the project is euros. The leading partner of the project: Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia. On May the National Anti-Trafficking web www. Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings.

Women seeking sex Latvia

Latvia - 3. Prevention The Latvian government has launched and implemented several nationwide information campaigns in order to increase understanding of human trafficking. Assistance and support provided to victims Social Rehabilitation Services. The service provider shall co-operate with State security institutions, as well as during the Women seeking sex Latvia of the provision of services assist in the implementation of the representation of the victim Women seeking sex Latvia criminal proceedings if the client authorises him or her.

The social services at the social service provider institution shall be provided by a social work specialist, lawyer and psychologist. The head of the institution is entitled for ensuring social rehabilitation services to involve other specialists. The social service provider shall co-operate with the client local government social service office and other institutions, ensuring the exchange of information. Legal Aid Compensation Education - the equal rights to acquire education Access to Labour Market — support for persons seeking employment, including occupational training; a third-country national is entitled to work with any employer in the Republic of Latvia, if he or she has received a temporary residence permit as a victim of human trafficking Medical Treatment - the right to receive emergency medical care Residence Permits for Third Countries Nationals - if a third-country national has been recognised a victim of trafficking in human beings, a competent State institution shall present his or her valid travel document for the request of a residence permit and submit the documents, as well as a decision of a competent institution regarding recognition of the third-country national as the victim of trafficking in human beings and a statement regarding the necessity to receive a residence permit.

Reflection Period - the reflection period shall be 30 days. Special Protection - the protection of the life, health and other legal interests of such persons who are testifying in criminal proceedings or who participate in the uncovering, investigation or adjudication of a serious or especially serious crime. Residence permit A reflection period of 30 days may be granted to trafficked persons to allow individuals to consider co-operating in investigations and criminal proceedings.

Special protective measures for children Legal protective measures The procedures for the entry and residence of unaccompanied foreign minors are outlined in o Regulation No fromProcedures by which Persons Cross the State Border of the Republic of Latvia o Regulation No fromProcedures by which Alien Minors Enter and Reside in the Republic of Latvia Unaccompanied by Parents or Guardians.

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Women seeking sex Latvia

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