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For the purpose of the article, I kindly ask that you bear my lore nerdiness and just Wow black women only with the flow. It was still the first week. To sum up my experience, I was absolutely blown away. This was my very first experience with a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG for short, which is a really long acronym anyway. The creative gameplay, vast worlds and lore to explore, dungeons and raids, and endless of characters and storylines to create had me hooked immediately.

But as the months and years passed, the enchantment began to wear off, and nowadays I hardly find myself playing the game at all anymore. No, the main reason was that there were no longer characters that I could find myself connecting with anymore. The problem I found is that none of those women have any development or any depth given to their characters alone. When you take a look at lists of important characters on any WoW site, certain people will pop up more than others: Varian and Anduin Wrynn, Thrall, Arthas the Lich King, Garrosh, Velen, Baine Bloodhoof, Illidan…I could go on, I really could, about the amount of male characters that have deep character development, appear in quests that players have to go on, and have seriously contributed to Warcraft lore by their own merits and independence.

The women in World of Warcraft have been subject to this time and time again. And generally for female characters who are barnacles, they are created explicitly to become the love interest of someone. A character who is supposed to be a High Priestess of a goddess and leader of her people, has spent almost the entirety of all books and gameplay being a catalyst for her husband, Malfurion Stormrage.

She has no singular story, no meaningful investment in the game, and is really an enigma since her portrayed character is so different than the one that Blizzard says she is. The best example of this is Aggra, a powerful shaman who appeared in the novel The Shattering. She was unwilling to let him throw a pity party for himself and continued to push him to keep improving the more he learned. I was so excited to finally have a no-nonsense female character I could get behind…. The end of Dragon Soul another patch only made it worse, when it was revealed that Aggra was pregnant.

No joke. A few weeks, Wow black women only most, after giving birth she gets hit on the head with a rock and dies. The end. An…interesting reason for motherhood, but motherhood nonetheless.

Wow black women only

Most mothers of major male characters are either dead or never mentioned too. Never mentioned. Two of the Windrunner sisters, both prominent members of their communities and skilled fighters, both married heroes and had kids and then were virtually never heard from again. Is she undead? Is she also obsessed with the procreation of her people?

Sylvanas is an amazing character, and one of the few reasons I stuck around World of Warcraft for as long as I did. Her story and amazing character development had nothing to do with any romance or lack of Wow black women only interest. She tried to shoot the Lich King, the evil horror responsible for her undeath, in the face multiple times.

Um, awesome! She conquered an entire kingdom in the span of a what could have been anywhere from a few weeks to a few days Booyah! Freaking boss lady! Numero uno! In the recent expansion, she appears in ONE story. A story that focuses less and less on her taking up the mantle to lead the Horde, her faction, and more on her selfishly choosing to investigate something different, which paints her in a bad light.

An amazing villain with depth! Not this Looney Toon zombie the writers are starting make her look like. The only female character that had the potential for redemption was Jaina Proudmoore. The strongest mage of her time. To make an extremely long and complicated story just long, and then take that long story and try to make it short, Jaina is the leader of the independent mage faction, the Kirin Tor. She used to rule a small land called Theramore and tried all she could to broker peace between the Alliance and Horde. And then, in one fell act, her home was literally wiped from the face of the earth by the leader of the Horde at the time, Garrosh Hellscream.

After that, she experienced unparalleled rage. Rage that the writers did not do the best job of portraying.

Wow black women only

It was completely justified; however, the way it was executed did not make any players feel empathy for her. Like a lot of female characters who are dealing with negative and unflattering emotions, they are never made valid, often due to the long-running trope that women in video games are meant to be supporting characters who help other characters deal with their problems and take care of them. They are not supposed toaa deal with their own problems 1and struggles in a realistic manner, or outwardly express their anger and rage.

Wow black women only

It seemed like, in one novel, she was coming to terms with her anger and her place in the world now, and even learning how to no longer blame an entire faction for the actions of a single mad leader. And I was hesitantly willing to see where they were taking her development. And then, surprise, when the Alliance and Horde were forced to work together to defend their world from a common evil, she did a complete flip from where it looked like they were taking her, and reed as leader I guess you can do that in WoW, just re from leading a nationand has not been heard from again in the game for over a year now.

Blizzard has proven that they have the capability to write compelling characters that players, lore junkies, and simple fans can all become invested in. Just look at all their developed male characters.

Wow black women only

So why? Why is it so hard for them to write a well developed female character in World of Warcraft? If anyone has an answer or a theory, let me know. When creating my own characters, I hope and pray I can do better than a game I used to adore.

Wow black women only

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Wow black women only

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Wow black women only

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